Two military helicopters flying over a coastline

Universal collaboration for a universal battle空间

Unite your 技术—and your forces—across all domains for greater speed and strength

Two women and a man wearing a headset looking at a large screen in a control room

Connect your teams securely across the battle空间

Ensure your fight tonight capability at a moment’s notice. 


As militaries shift to large-scale combat against near-peer adversaries, it’s essential to have resilient operations that can work across tools, 技术, 和团队. Viasat帮助美国.S. military meet that challenge by finding better ways to achieve secure, scalable communications across land, 海, 天空, 空间, 和网络.

Two loarge military planes approaching a landing pad on a ship at 海

Vertical integration to penetrate, dis-integrate, exploit, and re-compete.

The power of 海mless connectivity brings greater operational capabilities to the battle空间.

Viasat’s end-to-end communications approach covers satellites, 回程, 地面入口, 网络管理, 网络安全, 云访问, command and control (C2), and end-user terminals to expand what you can do across the multi-domain battle.


Collect more accurate, actionable intel to make more informed, faster decisions — wherever the fight requires you to be.

Maximize connectivity in every domain

国防 aircraft flying through the clouds

Make faster, data-driven decisions through better situational awareness in the 天空.

Two male warfighters utilizing defense technology looking at server racks

Help keep data and warfighters safe with end-to-end, government-accredited cyber protection.

LCACS ship approaching a carrier out at 海

Improve ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications over satellite bands, 网络, and congested environments.

Warfighters running up a dirt hill

Head into critical ground missions with resilient comms-on-the-move, comms-on-the-pause, command and control, 和更多的.

空间 view of earth

Improve performance, security, and resiliency of mission-critical satellite communications.

ViaSat-3 satellite in 空间

Eliminate the stove-piping of data and streamline communications across all military services.

Sync your teams from 海 to 空间 to cyber

Reach out to learn more about how we can better connect your forces and technology in every domain.

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